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WEELITTER Tofu Cat Litter is a powerhouse for odour neutralisation, is soft to the touch for the paws, easy to scoop and importantly it is biodegradable. 

Dust free with high absorbency and lightweight. If you are looking for a more eco friendly litter option this is one to consider. 

Available in a range of fragrances including original, Peach, Green Tea and Charcoal.

  • Biodegradable- derived from pea fibre, food-grade raw material 100% natural and eco-friendly 
  • Superior odour neutralising- instant absorption locks in odour quickly, cares for your felines delicate sense of smell
  • Rapid solidification- fast, concentrated clumping, simple and mess free
  • Lightweight and extra absorbent- made with extra light and super absorbent material, absorb up to 4x its weight in fluid
  • Dust free pellets- 2mm diameter Pellets, less litter tracking and more paw caring

WEELITTER Tofu Cat Litter 2.5KG

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