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Most people think that cats groom themselves. But in reality, cats lick themselves. 

Grooming and licking are two entirely different things.  When a cat licks itself, it is covered in saliva and dander.  Nothing is done during the licking process to relieve a cat of tangles, mats, fleas, dandruff, skin conditions, and unsanitary things hanging from its hindquarters.  


At The Cat Stylist we don’t lick cats, we actually groom them. 


We use the best products, high quality tools, and advanced techniques to remove tangles and mats, degrease coats, remove excess shedding, clean up dirty hindquarters, trim nails, neaten up overgrown faces, and fix any other problems that a cat may have that simply are not fixed by licking. In the end, you end up with a clean cat that looks and feels better than you ever thought possible.  


We are professional cat groomers and know our stuff! 

We are here to make your life, as a cat owner, easier and cleaner. We are here to make your cat look and feel better and do it in the safest and most efficient way possible. Regular grooms of every 4-8 weeks will prevent matting, hairballs, excessive shedding, in-grown toenails, and even ear and eye issues.

After all, a clean cat is a happy cat.  And the people who get to live with them will be happier too!

It all starts with a bath

Bath & Blow Dry is our standard grooming service for all our clients.

Clipping and styling can be added on to this service 

Bath & Blow Dry includes:

All nails trimmed

Gentle ear and eye cleaning

Warm, massaging bath with specialised cat shampoo

Complete blow dry and comb out to remove excess dead coat and any minor tangles

Short Haired

From $65

Long Haired 

From $90


From $50


From $30

Add ons

Teddy Trim - $60

This “short and fluffy” trim is preferable for older or cats who are not candidates for the shorter Lion trim or for owner who want a "Short but not too short" trim.

Less hair, but leaves the cat with a cute teddy bear style look leaving approximately ½-¾ of an inch of hair. Tail can be left full or trimmed in a pom pom style.

This is an add on service to our Bath & Blow dry and is only available for cats with no knots or matts in their coat.

Lion Trim - $40

You want the hair GONE. We totally get it! 

This trim is quite close to the skin, only leaving a moderate mane, hair below the front elbows, rear hock bone and either a full tail or a pom pom style.

Lion trims are a great option for both short and long-haired healthy, adult cats to prevent matting or reduce shedding. 

This is an add on service to our Bath & Blow dry and may not be suitable for all cats. 

De-shed  Treatment - From $20

Is your cat shedding up a storm? Let us help!


This de-shed treatment gently removes excessive dead coat and can eliminate up to 80% of shedding at home if repeated every 6-8 weeks.

This is an add on service to our Bath & Blow dry  to remove additional hair without affecting the length of the cat’s coat.

A great option for allergy sufferers!

Soft Paws - $30

Are you having trouble with your cat's sharp nails scratching and causing damage?

We have the solution!

Soft Paws are small, vinyl nail caps that cover the sharp tips of your cat's nails. They are still able to extend, grasp and make natural movements while wearing the Soft Paws.

Soft Paws can be applied in addition to any grooming service, 

We have lots of colours to choose from.

Full Belly - $30

Sanitary - $15

Half Belly - $20

Full belly shave is close shaving all areas underneath the cat. This includes arm pits and sanitary areas. This is great to keep cats from getting tangles where owners can't reach to comb.

Sanitary shave is close around genitals and between the legs. This is great to keep cats clean and tidy. We recommend this service for almost all of our clients. 

Half belly shave is close shaving from the belly button down. This includes sanitary areas. This is great to keep cats from getting tangles where owners can't reach to comb.

Face Trim - $10

Toe Tuff Trim -$10

Ruff Trim - $10

The Face Trim is performed on Persians, Himalayans and Exotics. It is used to help preserve their breed standard of a round face with an open expression and keeping the eyes and face clean.

Toe tufts are the hair growing between a cat's paw pads as well as between the toes on the top of the foot. This can help cats who get litter, dirt, etc. stuck or matted in their paws. 

The Ruff Trim is done to lightly thin out the hair around the cat's "ruff" or "mane." It is beneficial for cats who get tangled or messy ruffs from eating or drinking.

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If you have never had your cat professionally groomed before, we invite you to contact us. 

Once we see your cat and discuss your needs, we can offer suitable solutions to whatever issues you and your cat are dealing with. 

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