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Our chicken is 100% chicken breast only with no additives or preservatives. It is dehydrated and then baked. Baking chicken after dehydrating it can help to enhance the flavour, the aroma and adds depth to the taste. Baking after dehydrating further reduces the risk of bacterial contamination by killing any remaining bacteria and ensuring that it is safe to eat.


  • Chicken breast is a good source of protein for cats and can be a healthy addition to their diet. Some potential benefits of feeding chicken breast to pets include:

  • High protein content: Chicken breast is a good source of high-quality protein, which is important for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass in cats.
  • Lean meat: Chicken breast is a lean meat, meaning it is relatively low in fat compared to other cuts of chicken. This can be beneficial for cats that are overweight or prone to weight gain, as it can help them maintain a healthy weight.
  • Rich in essential nutrients such as niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, and selenium. It can be a good choice for cats that are overweight or have certain health conditions that require a low-fat diet. Chicken breast is also relatively easy for cats to digest, making it a good option for cats with digestive issues. 


However, it is important to remember that cats should not be fed a diet solely consisting of chicken breast. A balanced diet that includes a variety of different types of protein, as well as other essential nutrients, is important for the overall health and well-being of cats.


Chicken Thins Premium Cat Treats 50g

  • Having lived on the coast our entire lives, we feel at home near the ocean. Therefore, it is important to us to support sustainable fishing practices in order to ensure the long-term health and viability of the world's marine ecosystems. By choosing seafood that has been sustainably caught and managed, you can help to protect the oceans and the species that depend on them.

    All fish products sourced by our manufacturer are essentially by-catch from fishing caught for human consumption. 

    Shark ingredients used in our products are either Australian Gummy Shark or North Queensland Blacktip Sharks. These sharks are considered to be a sustainable and responsible choice for seafood, as their populations are generally healthy and not threatened.

    These sharks along with our other fish products have been caught and are normally sold for human consumption, the left-over pieces not used, that would normally become waste, are then purchased and turned into pet treats products.

    Sustainability doesn’t just stop with our products. It was important for us to ensure that our packaging was designed to minimize its impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. We have sourced packaging that is designed to be recyclable. Recycling symbols are on all of our packaging, to ensure that it is properly disposed of and repurposed, rather than ending up in landfills.

    100% Chicken Breast
    Nutritional Analysis
    Protein (minimum) 71%
    Total Fats (minimum) 8.5%
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