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The Feliway Diffuser helps you to create a safe and calm environment for your kitty. Cats mark their environment as being a safe place by rubbing their face against furniture, doors and people to mark them. Feliway mimics these natural pheromones, meaning your cat will feel like they are in a happy and friendly environment, particularly during times of stress or anxiety.

One vial of Feliway will last 4 weeks - refills are available. The diffuser itself, should be replaced every 6 months.


Features and Benefits

  • Can reduce unwanted behaviour such as scratching and marking
  • Assists your cat during periods of change like moving house or introducing a new family member
  • Reduces aggression towards other pets
  • Easy to use, Just plug and play: screw the vial into the electric diffuser unit, plug it into an electric socket and switch it on

  • Leave the Diffuser switched on continuously for one month


Good to Know

  • Each FELIWAY Refill covers an area of up to 70m2
  • Each Refill lasts up to 30 days. Depending on its environmental surrounds, each refill may last between 3-5 weeks
  • Avoid plugging in the FELIWAY Diffuser under shelves and furniture, or behind doors,  curtains and furniture

Feliway Refill 48ml for Diffuser

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