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Cat Nail Caps for cats are the paw-fect solution to your cat's destructive scratching around the home. Completely safe and humane, these non-toxic vinyl nail caps fit over your cat's claws and have been designed to protect your furniture and skin without inhibiting their daily activities. 


Key Features:

  • Fun colours
  • Prevents clawing, snagging, and scratching
  • Nontoxic materials
  • Falls off by themselves after 4-6 weeks
  • Does not interfere with extending and retracting claws


Suitable For:

Kittens and cats.


Size Guide:

XS = 0.5-2.5kg

S = 2.5-4.0kg

M = 4.0-6.0kg

L = 6.0+kg


Single Set includes 20 nail caps & 1 adhesive glue (with applicator tip).


Application Instructions:

1. Trim your cat's nails.

2. Point adhesive tip to the bottom of the nail cap and fill 1/3 full.

3. Gently extend the full nail and slide a cap on.

4. Keep your cat steady for 5 minutes after application to allow for curing.

Nail Caps

  • Will nail caps stop my cat's claws from extending and retracting?

    No. Your cat will be able to extend and retract their claws as normal. Cat nail caps are designed to be worn without any interference to a cats' normal behaviours.

    How long will a set of nail caps last?

    After gluing Cat nail caps onto your cat's nails using the non-toxic adhesive, they will stay in place for roughly 4-6 weeks before falling off. The speed your cat's natural nail growth and shedding will determine exactly how long each set will last.

    What if my cat doesn't shed the nail caps after 8 weeks?

    If your cat doesn't shed one or more nail caps (after 8 weeks) on their own, you can easily trim the tip and along the top of the nail cap using nail clippers. This will allow you to peel the cap off without pulling or causing any discomfort. If you are unsure, please get in contact with our team and we will be happy to walk you through it.

    Can nail caps cause infections on my cat's nails?

    Not at all. Cats shed their outer claw sheath every 6-8 weeks or so, and with that, the nail caps also come off. Cat nail caps will not disturb normal shedding, or cause infection.

    Can I apply nail caps on my outdoor cat?

    Sharp claws are the main line of defence for a cat when out in the wild, therefore, we recommend only applying nail caps to indoor cats.

    Doing I need a groomer to apply nail caps?

    Most people can apply nail caps on their own cat easily on their own. If you are already trimming your cat's nails at home, you will likely be able to apply nail caps just the same. Some people find it easiest to wrap their cat in a towel and sit them in their lap (facing outwards) while applying the nail caps. Whichever way your cat is happiest to sit throughout the application process is going to be the best option. For those who are not comfortable applying the caps on their own-  we will happily assist you.

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