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Rather than having a fluffy winter coat that sheds off at the changing of seasons, short-haired cats typically shed all year round. Although they don’t have big, fluffy piles of fur like long-haired cats do, their coats still need maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best – and to keep your floor and furniture fur-free. That’s where Refuresh’s grooming tools come in. 


Refuresh’s fur deshedder is made for short haired breeds, such as the domestic short hair, british shorthair, excotic short hair etc. It works to remove loose hair and keep coats clean.


Refuresh’s short hair deshedding tool reduces shedding up to 99%, making it one of the most powerful and best deshedding tools for cats on the market. 


Refuresh’s fur deshedder has an innovative vertical blade structure with ‘C’ shaped edges so it glides smoothly across skin (no rough metal raking here). 


Refuresh’s fur deshedder’s teeth collect loose hairs and the ejector function releases the hair so it doesn’t get caught up in the brush or dropped all over the floor. You can also adjust the position of the brush head so you can deshed your cat from all angles.


Refuresh – Short/Medium Hair Deshedding Tool

  • To reduce shedding up to 99%, use this deshedder once a week for ten to 15 minutes. Before you start deshedding, remove any large knots and tangles. Start by gently moving the deshedding brush down your cat’s coat, brushing in the same direction as their hair. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. 

    Don’t apply too much pressure – let the weight of the tool do the work. Be sure to use caution around sensitive areas including stomach, legs and sanitary area. Snuggles must be given after deshedding, that’s an order.

  • Extreme pressure to the skin will lead to inflammation, so be careful when treating animals with skin dermatitis and avoid sensitive areas around the face and paws. Do not use this deshedding brush for anything other than deshedding short haired cats and dogs. Keep away from children.

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