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The Cat Stylist Comb is desgined specially for cat coats and is a must have for all cat owners. 

Although both combs have different uses they are designed for all cat breeds both long and short. For best results we recommended purchasing both combs. 


The Shedding Comb has course teeth which are ideal for untangling matted fur, removing dirty, loose and dead fur. We recommend this comb for all medium to long haired cats or very think coated short haired breeds. This can also be used for detanging or mat removal on short haired cats.


The Fine Tooth Comb will remove fine loose fur and smooth the coat whilst also promoting hair growth for a healthy shiny coat. We recommend this comb for all short haired cats. This comb can also be used on long haired cats. We recommend this be used on delegate areas like the head and feet on all breeds. Cats will really enjoy their face and heads being combed. 


These combs are designed for use for cats but can be used for rabbits, dogs and other small animals.

The Cat Stylist Everyday Comb

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