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The Cat Stylist

A clean cat is a happy cat

We are here to make your life as
a cat owner e
asier & cleaner.
Stop lint rolling the furniture & enjoy 
cleaner home with less cat hair.

How to get started

How do you get a clean, happy cat?


Book an



Let us do all of the hard work 

Enjoy a clean,

 happy cat!


Can't get to our salon?

We offer the best products to help keep your

favourite feline happy, healthy, and clean at home.   

All of the items in our shop are used and recommended by

our Certified Feline Master Groomer.

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Who is The Cat Stylist?   

Hello, I'm Sherie.

I'm a Certified Feline Master Groomer and award winning pet groomer with 15 years of experience in the animal industry. I received my Certified Feline Master Groomer certification from the National Cat Groomers Institute. I am currently one of only eighteen groomers in Australia who hold this prestige certification. So you can rest assured your beloved pets are in the very best of hands with

The Cat Stylist. 



Sherie groomed my Persian cat and wow! She did an amazing job, my cat came out confident, comfortable, looking and smelling great! I couldn’t recommend her more! Thank you so much- Marley and I will be back for sure

My cat probably wins the award for “Most Difficult Animal To Work With”, but that didn’t stop Sherie from doing an amazing job; not only at keeping my cat calm, but quickly and efficiently getting the job done! I was very worried that it would be impossible to ever get my baby groomed but Sherie was amazing and I could not recommend her more. 

Sherie was wonderful to my kitten Summer Rain, very professional and passionate, she took very good care of her, I recommend her to anyone wanting their feline groomed, thank you again and look forward for you to groom my kitten in the future.

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